Residents Services at MRHA6 Owned Apartments


The Mississippi Regional Housing Authority VI (MRHA6) is committed to providing services to residents within MRHA6’s owned properties have access to the services they need to maintain housing and to develop economic stability and independence. These services are offered in partnership with corporate foundations, fraternal service organizations, service providers, property management and volunteers.

Our agency operates a variety of resident programs throughout its affordable rental housing developments through third-party service providers. Our service partners include:

After School Programs

At our family sites, children and youth between the ages of 6 and 18 may participate in recreation, service learning, health education, and other youth development activities every week (and during summers at Payton Garden Apartments).  They may also receive homework assistance and have access to computers and the internet several days a week.

Educational Workshops and Classes

Partnering agencies offer a variety of workshops and classes to MRHA6 residents on topics such as healthy eating, emergency preparedness, parent education, gang awareness, fire prevention and health screening.

Computer Access

Sugarhill Estates and Payton Gardens Apartments sites have free computer access to residents.

Other Information

In addition, MRHA6 residents at our properties generally have a volunteer group of residents who plan and implement social activities.